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How to earn money?

Play Games

A renewed system, there are different rounds of "Coins to Play" in the day (20coins per 3hours). Remember that on 1PIP= 0.003 USD

Forex Alerts

Our Trader "PipHunter", shares all opportunities of buy/sell, you make in your account!

Shareholder Member

Become our partner, buying shares that will give you a monthly return of up to 5%. In 6 months you get your money back (-fee) that means a profit of approximately 130%.


Earn up to 7% on purchases and 10% per referral click (Standard) and if you acquire our memberships you earn up to 10% on purchases and 20% per click from referred (PIP HUNTERS).

  • Advertise Benefits
  • Add your rotation plan instantly
  • Choise of multiple advertisement packs
  • Detailed statistics on GeoMap
  • Anti-cheat protection
  • New type of advertisements


Standard Membership


Per Month

  • 7% Comission on purchases
  • 10% Comission per referral click
  • 80% of your click ads
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Pip Hunter Membership


Per Month

  • 10% Comission on purchases
  • 20% Comission per referral click
  • 100% of your click ads
  • Forex Alerts on Telegram
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Per Share

  • Up to 5% monthly
  • After 6 months you get your money back (-fees)
  • A profit of approximately 130%
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